Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti Se...
Sardar Patel Jayanti Tak

We initiated a project “Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti Se Sardar Patel Jayanti Tak” in 2013. The ground work that started in August 2013 had a major resistance from every place we tried. Schools, Government officers, individuals responded with

“We can get involved for a day and have children do a cleanliness activity”

“We have been doing ‘Swachhta Abhiyaan’ every year. It does not make a difference”

“This is work of Municipal Corporation”

“The initiative is good, but it won’t last. So why do it”

We decided to prove the point. The period from 2nd to 30th October saw an increasing involvement of children, which made their parents to get involved. Even our call to people for small contributions received a good response. Some newspapers reported the positive response; however Government officials, including ministers refused to get involved for an activity on a large scale. The report of this project that included the increasing public involvement was given to several ministers including CMO in Gujarat in December 2013. Without any support or budget from Government; we approached schools and students with “Project Let’s Change”. Newspapers again reported the positive involvement of people in January 2014. In February 2014, Hon. CM of Gujarat announced Mahatma Gandhi Swacchta Mission. Our concept got vindicated when the whole nation appreciated the practicality in the concept of long and serious swachhta abhiyaan with Mission Swachh Bharat. Probably if we had not proven and reported the scale of public sentiment toward it, Mission Swachh Bharat would not have been thought about.

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Let's Change

People are receptive to films and thoughts can be easily communicated through entertaining films. Keeping this in mind “Let’s Change” was made, based on experiences during “Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti Se Sardar Patel Jayanti Tak”. The idea was to inspire school students on how they can be involved to bring a change in mindset of people. A concrete plan of reacting to littering that was adopted during the one month project was also explained through this film for children.

Let’s Change is a story of a group of friends. They are confronted by Mr. Prem Chopra, who appears before them as a reincarnation of Sardar Patel. He and his “friend”, a reincarnation of Mahatma Gandhi, explain the unclean surroundings to be a fault of people as well as municipal corporations. They ask the kids with taking responsibility to change the situation. The friends come up with “Gandhigiri” and “Sardar Patelbaazi” (a stronger version) for the mission. Packaged with well composed songs, the fun film was part of the Mission Swachh Bharat activities for many schools. Watch Trailer

Let’s Change Effect was a sequel that was launched by Hon. CM of Maharashtra to rejuvenate people for the diminishing interest in Mission Swachh Bharat. Guest appearances by veterans Mr. Dharmendra, Shri Ramesh Deo and Mr. Mukesh Khanna, LCE inspires with a practical plan of engaging workers for actual cleaning. It also puts light on the issue of toilets. Watch Trailer

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Deshbhakti Challenge

A thought that different religions were a cause of divides in India made us undertake this project. Many media reports, electronic or print, mention a religion of the victim or culprit or both. Apparently the crime gets a communal turn which further creates religion based divides. Our effort was to make people realize once again, that our religion has to be BEING INDIAN. A campaign of common people making videos was done in many cities. This was to make people declare on video, and later publish it through their social media that they believe BEING Indian is more important than religion or caste.

Apart from several students, the women’s cell of Bhartiya Janta Party in Mumbai took up the video making program. Several leaders and activists from Maharashtra and Gujarat participated. About 6 months later, this activity was vindicated with the immense popularity of Salman Khan’s dialogue on similar lines in the film Bharat. Watch Trailer

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Deshbhakti Challenge led us to making Swabhimaan. This a story about the struggle that a family goes through to stay put on their principles. The film runs through the life of Siddharth, technically qualified to get benefits or reservation, but decides to build capability and achieve success on merit. Swabhimaan has it’s entertaining moments with light comedy during college life, romance, action etc. The film, through well delivered dialogues by seasoned actors Ganesh Yadav and Milind Shinde, proves approval of people in favor of reservation benefits for the economically weaker section irrespective of religion and caste. The film had suggested that such reservation will be unopposed and any politician initiating it will win public support beyond expectation. Every politician we approached to endorse this thought refused, till this was vindicated when reservation for EWS was proposed and passed without opposition to it in January 2019. Many dialogues of the film were echoed in parliament and public addresses by various politicians. Watch Trailer

Like Swachhta Abhiyaan fetched public appreciation for Hon. PM in the 2014 election; reservation for EWS was set to fetch a similar appreciation for 2019 election.

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Socila Debates Forum

Every person should express opinions openly, only then will the Government know what people want. Common people expressing opinions in elaborate debate format will spread awareness as well as bring out suggestions for betterment of the Nation. It will be our responsibility to ensure the expressed thoughts reach up to the people who may make a difference.


  • 1. Create a platform from where views, opinions and ideas of common people will be heard to the extent of being noticed by the people; and ultimately the lawmakers.
  • 2. Create better awareness on the topic for people to form well informed opinions with unmanipulated opinions or perceptions of “experts”.
  • 3. Publish the debates (live or recorded) on an open media for people to endorse or oppose views.
  • The Plan:

    Annually 2 Debates on social issues For, Of, By Common People. Wherever possible, SDF shall also invite public servants / representative, known / eminent personalities etc to debate with common people. This will be a “bridge” to put across views, opinions and ideas of common people on social topics toward Nation Building through face-to-face (live) debates. Register to debate at SDF debates.

    Snippets Films

    We also make very short films that we call snippets. Snippets will be made on any subject, for any purpose. This can be for a purpose of audition for an aspirant actor, director or cinematographer. These are made either to pass on a thought, just to voice out an opinion or just for fun. We may also decide to run a series of snippets on something. We may even come up with spoofs on films, serials or commercial advertisements. Or we may just convert jokes on social media into videos. So basically videos of 2 to 3 minutes done on handycam like cameras, edited or unedited; with or without background sound, effects etc. Snippets will go on our YouTube channel.Watch Trailer

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    PoSH Program

    With the growing instances of sexual harassment of women, it is essential that we as citizens contribute toward curbing the menace. We shall concentrate on the PoSH Act of 2013 that pertains to Prevention of Sexual Harassment of Women at work places. It was shocking that though being a basic compliance requirement, very few establishments have knowledge about PoSH Act 2013.

    We shall get involved in doing a survey, spread awareness and provide with basic information. In case required by the establishment we shall provide with references of professional organizations or advocates who specialize in training of PoSH. A follow up shall be done to ensure proper compliance within a specified period. Those not complying with the requirements; or compliance is seen only on paper, shall be reported to the Ministry of Women & Child Development for appropriate action. This will be followed up annually even with compliant establishments to ensure compliance toward safety of women at workplace continues.

    We will also come up with discussion sessions, debates and videos on this subject.