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There is a Silver Lining To
Corona and Corona Lockdown

By Rohit Aarrya on 17th April 2020

I have come across few people in my life who always seem positive irrespective of how bad and disturbing something may be. Such people figure out something good even in the worst occurrences; which justifies the proverb “Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining”.

So today I decided to figure out some things that will form a silver lining to the cloud of Corona over us. Please … I ain’t that sentimental “politically correct” type manipulator who will say things like we united against it as a country etc. Because it really makes no difference to Corona virus whether we are united or not. And in reality we as a country have never even been able to show unity to real enemies for whom our unity and solidarity mattered. I am talking about those that ruled us (Moguls and British), are ridiculing us (“terrorists”) and fooling us (politicians). Secondly why do we say victory over Corona? It’s a viral decease; not a war over a country.  

Anyway, let us focus on Corona and Corona Lockdown Silver Lining. We can realize many things from this lockdown.

  1. Corona locked down religious places – No matter how much was explained in how many ways. “Andha shraddha” is still out of control. This con industry flourishes with “Dharam ke mamle mein sawal nahi utha sakte” argument and shamelessly uses God, Allah, Christ etc as brand ambassadors. They need people to visit places of worship to bite their bait. Barring a few, most people seem to have understood that visiting places of worship will not save them from Corona. Let’s hope it’s a start to realizing that praying to God (of whichever religion) does not require visiting places of worship. God will bless honest prayers without any ‘yagnya’, ‘mannat’, ‘dhup’, ‘chadhava’, candle, chaddar etc.
  2. Work at home culture – Certain type of work would have been done even in lockdown period. Surely smart managers would have understood potential of saving and increase in productivity by saving time spent on commuting. Hopefully many will take advantage of this after being proven due to Corona lockdown. This will help in continuing to get some of the below mentioned advantages
  3. Crime Rate – Though there might be no official data, there is a definite reduction in crimes. With people staying at home petty thefts, house breaks and crime against women would have been negligible compared to before lockdown. 
  4. Pollution – There is visible difference in all kind of pollution. We are breathing clean air. Sound pollution of honking has practically disappeared. It is time to realize that many were commuting unnecessarily, avoid that to keep breathing better quality air. If work from home is followed traffic issues will also reduce.    
  5. Cleanliness – With less number of people on streets, littering is down to minimum. It is time that we maintain this by motivating children to be ‘Monitors’ and eradicate menace of littering, which was also one of the main causes of choking up of drainage systems.
  6. Accidents – Ministry of Road Transport in its report stated that a total of 4,67,044 accident were reported in 2018 claiming 1,51,417 lives. Approximately 415 people died every day in India. With a 40 days lock down, we saved over 16,500 lives; many times more than lives claimed by Corona. Lockdown was imposed to save lesser number of lives than claimed by road accidents. We should now at least put a ban on high power vehicles (BMW, Audi, Jaguar etc) and superbikes in India to save as much lives daily for which the entire India was under lockdown.
  7. Hospitalization - Many patients with ailments avoided visiting doctors during the lockdown. Unpolluted atmosphere, home food and basic oral medication prescribed over phone would have cured many. Hence many patients who would have otherwise been suggested many tests followed by recommendation to get admitted to hospitals did not get hospitalized. More number of hospital beds being vacant is proof for the fact that patients get hospitalized without actual need for it. Is it time to be vigilant about doctors who may be getting patients hospitalized under the garb of “precaution” or “monitoring”? We should now crack down on such “Gods in white aprons” who are compromising on professional ethics and lives by prescribing medication and unnecessary tests.

Up to now I was TOTALLY against the lockdown. Did not think we were saving as many lives to justify the cost of lockdown. I am still of the opinion that locking the country on estimates based on assumptions is ridiculous; however I am not as frustrated as before. There was no possibility that the “experts” who projected numbers to be 10s of millions could have been wrong!!!! Secondly I was unaware that like the changing objectives of Demonetization, this draconian decision of lockdown started to contain spread of Corona virus; also intended to bring many other benefits mentioned above!!!. Government and Hon. PM have saved the country from the projected exponential increase in deaths from Corona. So what if 50 million families will suffer by loosing livelihoods apart from economic disruption and losses of over USD 150 billion?     

I welcome anybody to put forth their views. We will upload your views on this blog. We can also do a healthy discussion on any social media and invite as many people possible to participate.

Disclaimer – My views are based on my logic. For the sake of being politically correct many people avoid speaking what they really feel. In my opinion this has a negative impact. You may think my views in any way as per your thinking; however be honest about your opinion with at least yourself. My intention will always be for the good and I do not intend to disrespect anybody. You can reach me on email aarryarohit@gmail.com 


About writer - Rohit Aarrya is an ex Banker now involved in various projects. The 2013 Project Let’s Change report and proposal given to Gujarat Govt in December 2013 may have inspired the attention toward public support for a serious cleanliness drive. This was followed up by Hon. PM himself since February 2014 which brought one of the highest regards for him before 2014 general elections. Coincidentally in January 2019,just before general elections Hon. PM proposed reservations for EWS; a suggestion that was being propagated in Rohit Aarrya’s project “Swabhimaan” since August 2018.