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The diminishing quality of reporting

By Rohit Aarrya on 16th April 2020

Where is NEWS headed to? It is definitely not about simple reporting of what is happening around. With need of revenues other than subscription and advertising for sustenance and profitability of news agencies, it is no longer reliable. We no longer can be sure if the news being communicated is real, manipulated or in some cases even “manufactured”. And then there is “propaganda” news, “paid” news etc.  

News is now communicated in a way that makes a mountain out of a molehill. I am coming to a conclusion that many channels think that the more they exaggerate and dramatize the more audience they will grab (who knows, it may be true!!!)

Discussions / debates are mostly carried out in a way the anchor is a judge. To make things worse, most anchors sit with an opinion and conduct debates with a bias (a la Arnab Goswami). To top that, many anchors seem to lack even the capability to put forth good questions; and logical counter questions.

And then there is the “our reporting effect” and rush for “first to break” stories. There is a Breaking News every hour of the day on working days. I have often wondered, what is there to boast about as reporting effect? Every reporting has to have an effect. What is so great about being first to break? It is better to give an honest good full report.  

And then there are conspiracy theories. I get very amused whenever I hear conspiracy theories; more so when some Govt or opposition representative or official of a big news agency / channel talk such theories with conviction. If they are so sure and have evidence to their theories; why do they not take it forward to approaching the judiciary in National interest? Why do they not stop till Government intervenes to investigate? They have resources to do so. Secondly there can be several angles to any happening. Why not explore all and put forth all angles? I would like to challenge all these “intelligent” inventors of conspiracy theories to question them about their theories and also counter them with possibilities of different theories. We live in an era of overreactions, publishing theories without evidence is like spreading a virus that can convert in hate mongering and lead to anything.  

The biggest worry these days is “experts” brought on discussions. I have always wondered why this is being done. Most of these “experts” are designated as analyst, advisors, consultants or activists. Then there are advocates, senior journalists etc. I have often noticed that they have extreme stands; and unwilling to deter from that extreme stand. These “experts” or panelists never give a straight answer to even a simple question. Most debates have futile arguments, shouting over each other and incapable panelists to counter question each other. Are they given a script or they are really of this low caliber? Where are all the sane people who can make logical discussions / debates?     

Have you ever realized that debates and interviews on news channels no longer seem genuine?
Have you ever wondered why news anchors never ask logical counter questions during interviews?
Have you ever noticed that panelists on Tv debates rarely respond with answers to questions asked?
Have you ever realized that one sentence pulled out from an hour long speech of somebody becomes a National debate when highlighted without context?
Have you ever realized that even after watching discussions or debates for hours, we rarely have any clarity on the subject discussed?

No longer salaries seem the only revenue for reporters and journalists. No longer are subscriptions and advertisers of consumer products the only revenue. In such a scenario, where and how do you expect to get genuine news? How much can we trust what is communicated through news?

I welcome anybody to put forth their views. We will upload your views on this blog. We can also do a healthy discussion on any social media and invite as many people possible to participate.

Disclaimer – My views are based on my logic. For the sake of being politically correct many people avoid speaking what they really feel. In my opinion this has a negative impact. You may think my views in any way as per your thinking; however be honest about your opinion with at least yourself. My intention will always be for the good and I do not intend to disrespect anybody. You can reach me on email aarryarohit@gmail.com 


About writer - Rohit Aarrya is an ex Banker now involved in various projects. The 2013 Project Let’s Change report and proposal given to Gujarat Govt in December 2013 may have inspired the attention toward public support for a serious cleanliness drive. This was followed up by Hon. PM himself since February 2014 which brought one of the highest regards for him before 2014 general elections. Coincidentally in January 2019,just before general elections Hon. PM proposed reservations for EWS; a suggestion that was being propagated in Rohit Aarrya’s project “Swabhimaan” since August 2018